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How Can

We Be of
Service To You?

How can we be of Service to You?


Decided to Sell? What to do next… How much is my house worth? How do I pick an agent? Should I sell it myself? Where do you begin?  All reasonable questions!

Once you've decided to sell a property you only want 3 things. The quickest sale, for the highest price and someone to communicate with you, so you know what is happening.

How you find this person is up to you. Do you pick your local office down the road in the shopping centre, or do you pick the guy with his face on the bus stop that you see every day on your way to work? Or what about the fancy letterbox drops telling you that there are buyers looking for a property just like yours? The options are endless!

The fact is that any sales agent can sell your house but it’s selecting the right one to suit your needs that will ‘make or break’ your sale journey. Finding ‘the right one’ can be like looking for a needle in a haystack but at the end of day, ‘the right one’ will feel right to you. They will listen, give advice, have a strong knowledge of the market, communicate and have that good-old willingness to work for the client and serve. Do you know an agent like that?

Del is an experienced Real Estate Agent selling properties in Brisbane and Ipswich. She is super lovely, will give you honest feedback, has great communication skills and works hard to get a result for her client. Del gets most of her work from referrals and that speaks for itself. There is no better compliment than someone who was so happy with your service that they recommend you to any family or friends that are looking for an agent!


We are based in the western suburbs of Brisbane but our Buyers Advocacy Service extends up to the Sunshine Coast, down to the Gold Coast and out West to Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Whether you are looking for a family home or an investment…whether you are a local or an interstate or overseas investor, our expertise in sourcing, negotiating and securing your next property will be invaluable to you.

We will work hard to help you find the right property - one that suits your needs and your budget and we will also save you time AND money and take the stress out of the whole process.

Committed to exceeding your expectations, we are there for you during the entire process right up to settlement.  Of course, if you have purchased an investment property, we can continue to serve you with our outstanding property management services.

Our real estate professionals are born and bred Queenslander and know the property market inside and out and it would be our pleasure to assist you to buy your little special piece of Queensland property :)

Check out our Testimonials Page…all the great reviews we have received from our clients and tenants.



Orange Door Property delivers a Property Management service that rivals most! We believe that it takes only 3 things to provide this outstanding service…

A focus on serving the client
Where has good old fashioned service gone these days? We are big on service here at Orange Door Property, its actually why we opened our doors in the first place! We pride ourselves on delivering the service you pay us to deliver.  Maintenance, rent arrears, routine inspections - we are all over it AND we do it well.

Communication between all parties
Communication is key in our world…it’s our job to keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on at a property. Whether it’s the lawn that needs mowing, the tenant not paying rent or the kitchen that needs renovating, our strong attention to detail and organisation skills gets things done and keeps everyone in the know along the way.

Managing the tenant and setting expectations
Managing tenants can get complicated at times so having a property manager that is truly vested in your property, will ensure that the tenants are doing their best, always. We want our tenants to care for the property they live in and pay their rent and by building relationships and being fair and honest, we create a win-win for everyone. For those tenants that don’t do the right thing, we have no hesitation in dealing with them appropriately and reporting them to the relevant authorities.



Genuine & Trustworthy...

"They go everywhere…above and beyond to give their clients the best service possible!! Our investment properties are in great hands with Lawri as our property manager. She even helped us buy our dream home! You are one in a million! Thanks for everything :) - B. Holland